CPATH - Distributed Expertise

Welcome to CPATH - Distributed Expertise Project

This project tries to provide a clarified and comprehensive understanding of the computing disciplines that allows shared experiences and expertise within and across the community.

This collective sharing enables computing faculty to collaborate with other disciplines that use computing to enhance groups, and to create new cross-disciplinary areas of study and research. This involves the integration of computing with other disciplines like engineering, sciences, business, and arts and explores the challenge by bringing together instructors and researchers across the disciplinary boundaries. Distributed Expertise enhances teaching and learning experiences for students of computing and other disciplines in which computational thinking and computing models contribute to a variety of applications. This project is a collaboration by Villanova University, Virginia Tech, and The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).This project is funded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Project Survey

As a part of the Project we are conducting a small survey. Please Fill out the Distributed Expertise Project Survey.

Distributed Expertise Project Survey

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